4K VIDEO ULTRA HD Nature for Relaxation - Drone Footage in Music & Water Sounds, Birds Singing

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4K Nature with Breathtaking Colors and Beautiful Footage 60fps - TV Screensaver in 1 Hour for Relaxing, Sleeping, Stress Relief...
1. Ristafallet waterfall in the western part of Jamtland is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sweden.
2. Aerial Rising Shot of Waterfall Edge with Rainbows Below.
3. Old irrigation system wheel on Trebisnjica river in Trebinje city, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
4. A waterfall and a brook in a forest.
5. Aerial top down view of tourist boat arriving into the Small lagoon in El-Nido, tour A, Palawan.
6. Waterfall in the mountains near the village Pylypets, Carpathians.
7. Gorgeous drone shot of small waterfall in the mountains. Forest trees.
8. View of Dakigaeri Gorge or Dakigaeri Valley in Akita Prefecture, Japan, Asia. Popular Japanese tourist spot and travel destination with forest, trees, waterfall, river with crystal clear blue water.
9. Waterfall in mountain locality in winter.
10. Tropical Ionian Greece Blue Lagoon island Aerial 4k travel video. Ocean sea forest coast seashore, water, yacht boat.
11. Very low angle Dolly over a small rock and drop on a Connecticut River.
12. Aerial view of the French Polynesia and Raivavae island with sandy beaches, coral reef and green islets in azure turquoise blue lagoon. Tubuai Islands (Austral Islands), Oceania. and Tahiti.
13. Mountain rivers and waterfalls in Transfagarasan pass at summer. Carpathian mountains in Romania, Transfagarasan is one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world.
14. Rocky Beach in National Park, Lake Stream Mountains.
15. Aerial drone shot of remote coastline of Bacuit bay. Green jungle, turquoise ocean, tropical islands. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Summer and travel vacation concept.
16. AERIAL Pristine river flowing through beautiful green valley on clear summer day.
17. Massive waterfall in Geiranger national park Norway.
18. Aerial footage of a waterfall, the shot is moving backwards.
19. Aerial shot of the waterfall Gljufrabui in Iceland between mountains. Scenic view of the turbulent flow of water.
20. Closeup on rippling water in a forest - a low waterfall in the blurry background.
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