ABD Society - Data Analytics Speaker Series (6.18.2020) [WEBINAR]

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Predicting Food Consumption using Machine Learning in a 10BN People World
Renata Bade Barajas

US restaurants generate up to 33 billion pounds of food waste every year which is the equivalent of throwing 42.9 billion dollars away every year. Restaurants typically operate at a profit margin of 3-5% meaning they cannot afford to be throwing so much food away.

GreenBytes is a forecast service provider for food retailers that uses machine learning algorithms to predict future food consumption. By predicting future sales, the tool can optimize inventory and operational costs. By providing dynamic data analytics and breaking it down in terms that are immediately relevant for key food retail players the tool brings the power of computing to traditionally conservative and “old school businesses”.

The restaurant industry is notorious for being either the late majority or laggard adopters of new technology. GreenBytes uses data to stimulate economic growth to bring academia and business together. Join in the discussion to learn how the tool combines research and development and uses analytics strategically to enable restaurants to optimize resources and conduct day to day business more efficiently as well as sustainably.
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