Financial Freedom Course 2020: Rich Habits (VIDEO 2)

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We all want Financial Freedom, right? Here in Video 2 of FREE Financial Freedom Course (TAGLISH) I made, I'm going to share the 4 to 6 Steps of 7 Simple Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom.

These are the steps you will learn in this video:

Step 4: Start being honest with yourself and understand that you have the power over money
Step 5: Being respectful of yourself and your money
Step 6: Have additional source of income

00:28 - 4th Step to Financial Freedom
00:46 - Third Block that holding you back to achieve Financial Freedom
01:19 - How to do Financial check up? (Detailed)
03:17 - How to minimize expenses?
06:37 - What Rich people do?
07:20 - Sikreto ng mga Mayayaman
07:25 - 5th Step to Financial Freedom
09:01 - Abundance Formula
10:38 - How to build a Solid Financial House
10:58 - 2 Ways to Increase your Cash Flow
11:11 - 6th Step to Financial Freedom
11:47 - Creative Ways to have Extra Income
14:06 - What you will learn in Video 3

Thank you in advance for watching and always supporting, dreamers!

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